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Your success is our business. 

There are always ways a business can increase financial success, and some of them may be simpler than you think. We have been the impetus for greater gains across companies large and small, specializing in physician groups, community banks, high-tech and manufacturing companies, and institutions of higher learning. ProFi is experienced in assisting businesses and institutions achieve greater financial outcomes through a variety of services, including:

Investment Management

Retirement Plans

Executive Benefits

Compensation and Benefits
Our tax-efficient, corporate investment portfolios are designed to put corporate savings and excess working capital back to work for you. Every portfolio is uniquely designed for your specific needs. A board-approved investment policy statement formalizes the portfolio and the process, including investment selection, liquidity mandates, reporting criteria and so much more.

We help businesses of all sizes design, implement and manage retirement plans, including 401k, 403b, 457, profit sharing, defined benefit, cash balance, SERP and NQDC. Whether you utilize the plans for additional tax strategies or for hiring and retaining top talent—or a combination of the two—we prepare a custom solution for you and your business.

Corporations and executives face many unique wealth management challenges and opportunities. Whether it is complex compensation packages, concentrated stock positions or “golden handcuffs,” we provide expert guidance and best practices to navigate these unique scenarios.

As a business owner, it is important to understand how money can and should flow from you out of the business. We help business owners efficiently manage tax and cash flow considerations to establish the appropriate methodology for each client.

Tax Reduction

Business Organization

Succession Planning

Business Transitions
Corporate and self-employment income tax liabilities can drastically impact the bottom line. Before any investment decisions are  made, we help you consider the tax consequences and optimize for cash.  We uncover new ways to  minimize your expenses so you hold on to more money and never pay more tax than you need to.

There are many ways to form and operate a business. Our objective is to ensure that each client has a business structure that incorporates their tax, asset protection, compensation and estate planning considerations necessary to guide sensitive business and family decisions.

We take great pleasure in guiding the successful transition of a business to a new chapter in the life of the business. Our experience navigating the transition from all sides includes the critical interpersonal skills to complement the analytical skills.

When it’s time to sell or transfer the business, we can help create a smooth financial transition.